SCHAMPA Coolskin Balaclava

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Product Description

SCHAMPA’s CoolSkin Balaclava helps separate your Head from the Gunk in your helmet. After any use of your helmet it begins to build up gunk inside it. For the same reason you use socks and change your socks after each ride you should be wearing a Balaclava for your head. Your helmet is a dark, hot, humid, nasty space and we all know the kinds of bacteria, and mold develops in these ideal spaces. Wear a balaclava and give some separation between your head and the liner of your helmet. After all when was the last time you washed the liner in your helmet?

By keeping you dry this balaclava will keep you comfortable in either hot or cold conditions. Coolskin fabric is means that these balaclavas are almost paper thin and should not hinder the performance of your helmet.

This is Schampa's most versatile balaclava, and it is meant for year round usage.

Product Features

  • If you use a helmet this is one product that just makes sense.
  • Micro-Mesh Moisture Management Technology
  • Super Soft  
  • Incredible Fit
  • Use Alone or with Any Helmet
  • Use in any Weather
  • Travel Light
  • Flatseamed
  • Wicks & Breathes
  • Three Different Stitching Colors
  • 100% Polyester

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