SCHAMPA Coolskin Stretch Cap

Vendor: Schampa
Product Type: Coolskin Stretch Caps
Style: Black

Product Description

SCHAMPA Coolskin Stretch Caps are the lightest low profile hats on the market. Simple lightweight design protects your head from the sun without the weight of a traditional hat. The low profile formed brim helps keep the sun out of your eyes without being overly obtrusive. Made from 100% Polyester.

Great for running, hiking, backpacking, out on the boat, or any outdoor activity. 
Easy to Pack, No bulk.

Under a Helmet they provide protection from blinding sunlight. The low profile design allows the SCHAMPA Stretch Caps to fit under most helmets.

Owners Note

"On my rides home I would always ride west and the sun was a killer. I found myself always putting my hand up to block the sun. I designed this cap to allow me to ride safe by keeping my hands on the bars and the sun out of my eyes. It took some time but I nailed it!" Andy Myers, Owner SCHAMPA

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