SCHAMPA Old School Bandana

Vendor: Schampa
Product Type: Old School Bandana
Style: Black

Product Description

We nailed it! The bandana that fits the way riders love to wear a bandana. SCHAMPA Old School Bandanas are made with a formed cut that forms to the head and we placed a liner on the inside to help absorb sweat and wick sweat away from your brow. On top of that we went way back by using traditional fabrics. If you love that old school look but hate messing with traditional square bandanas; this is the best thing for you.

No more tying a square bandana to get the form and fit you have been looking for. SCHAMPA has done the nonsensical work for you. Just center it up, tie it on, and your done.

Owner Note

“I designed these bandanas after years of screwing around with square banadanas at construction jobs, running and other activities. Why do they make them so small? What gives? It’s a pain in the rear to constantly mess with these things, so I sat down and designed these beautiful hand crafted bandanas. But, I needed a name, and after seeing my friend Jesse James in one I thought this is an Iconic, Legacy item that is symbolic of my industry, therefore this product needs a throwback name, “OLD SCHOOL BANDANA” works just fine.” Owner Andy Myers

Product Features

  • Excellent in Restaurants, Construction, Hospitals, Sports, Running, at the Gym, and of course on the Bike!
  • Easy to Tie-On
  • Micro-Mesh Moisture Management Fabric on the Inside to help absorb sweat
  • Perfect Fit Every Time
  • Lightweight
  • Year Round Use
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Unisex Item
  • Colors: Comes in a variety of Colors, Please Note all Solid Colors come in SCHAMPA’s Traditional Stretch Fabric.
  • Made for 100% Polyester/95% Cotton/5% Spandex.

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