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Product Information

Product Description

SCHAMPA Stretch Face masks are born out of the heart of the desert in Arizona where blistering sun and skin peeling sand can bring anyone to their knees. Keep dust, bugs, sun and sand off your face and out of your mouth and nose. Made of stretch fabric for a contoured, secure fit and enhanced with a mesh mouth piece for easy breathing. A Hook and Loop set-up allows you to get the fit you want.

Product History

During the Laughlin River Run over 15 years ago, Nora and I created the SCHAMPA Stretch Face mask to fend off a grasshopper invasion that was wreaking havoc for motorcycle riders. If you have ever ridden thru rain on a bike you can imagine what it would be like getting pelted by grasshoppers. The Face masks sold out and now they are used at the Dunes, on Adventure Riders, UTV’s, Off-Road and festival goers that need help with the dust.

Product Features

  • Best Seller
  • Year Round Use
  • Keep sun and dust out
  • Stretch fabric
  • Contoured, secure fit
  • Mesh mouth piece for easy breathing
  • Hook and Loop fastening
  • Available in assorted colors
  • Use Alone, or with most helmets including Full Face Helmets

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