SCHAMPA Fleece Skull Gaiter Deluxe

Vendor: Schampa
SKU: NG010
Product Type: Neckgaiter

Product Description

SCHAMPA’s Skull Gaiter Deluxe is one of the most functional pieces of cold weather headwear that we make. This warm piece of gear has a mesh breather for easy breathing, and reducing the fogging of glasses. Designed with a 200wt. Double Layer Fleece Neck Gaiter and fully Flat Seamed WarmSkin skullcap, the Skull Gaiter Deluxe is perfect for under any motorcycle helmets, construction helmets, cycling helmets or alone. In instances where you do not need the skullcap, just pull back off your head and use the Neck Gaiter part only.

Owner’s Note

“About 10 years ago some friends, Nora, and I were out on a leisurely snowmobile trip and it was really cold, which is good, but our Neck Gaiters were giving us some real issues. They were freezing up around the mouth and nose. Josh my “Never Stop Riding” partner had an "AH HA" moment and suggested a breather. When we went back to the cabin I drew up different designs and settled on the one you see here. It is a great concept and works well, I love the functionality of our Skull Gaiters, but the Skull Gaiter Deluxe is my favorite cold weather version.” Owner Andy Myers

Product Features

  • Extreme Cold
  • Wear 3 Ways – Wear as a Balaclava, Neck Gaiter, or Open Face Balaclava
  • Separate your Head from your Helmet
  • Insulates your Face, Neck, Ears, and Head from Cold and Frostbite
  • Easy Breathe Mesh Front
  • 200wt Double Layer Fleece NeckGaiter
  • SCHAMPA WarmSkin Thermal Skullcap
  • Three Panel Construction
  • No Center Seam
  • Wicks and Breathes
  • Use Alone or with Any Helmet 
  • Flat Seamed
  • Late Fall, Winter, Early Spring
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Travel Light
  • Wash Frequently
  • Made from 100% Polyester.
  • Color: Black

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